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World MegaPack Database

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World MegaPack FM2012 Beta

All'interno del pack ci sono i campionati secondo questa legenda.

- già attivi per FM2012
- Non ancora attivi per FM2012 (Ma lo stanno facendo)
- Per la prima volta in FM2012


New International Club Competitions:
  • CIS Cup (for clubs from CIS countries, CIS - Commonwealth of Independent States, former USSR Republics)
  • UAFA Arab Champions League (for clubs from arab countries, UAFA - Union of Arab Football Associations)
Europe (UEFA)
New League Systems:
  • Immagine inserita Albania, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Azerbaijan, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Bosnia & Herzegovina, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Cyprus, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Estonia, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Faroe Islands, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Latvia, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Lithuania, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Malta, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Moldova, tier 2
New International Club Competitions:
  • Baltic League (for clubs from baltic countries)
  • Baltic Cup (for clubs from baltic countries)
New Competitions in Existing League Systems:
  • Immagine inserita Czeck Republic (Third Division)
  • Immagine inserita Germany (Regional Division, Super Cup, LIGA total! Cup)
  • Immagine inserita Holland (Topklasse)
  • Immagine inserita Hungary (Division III)
  • Immagine inserita Poland (2nd Division)
  • Immagine inserita Slovakia (3rd Division)
Africa (CAF)
New League Systems:
  • Immagine inserita Algeria, tier 3
  • Immagine inserita Angola, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Cameroon, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Egypt, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Ghana, tier 1
  • http://upload.wikime.../Flag_of_Cote_d Ivory Coast, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Libya, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Morocco, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Nigeria, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Tunisia, tier 2
New International Club Competitions:Asia (AFC)
New League Systems:
  • Immagine inserita Bahrain, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Iran, tier 3
  • Immagine inserita Japan, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Jordan, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Kuwait, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Lebanon, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Oman, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Quatar, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Saudi Arabia, tier 3
  • Immagine inserita Syria, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Thailand, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita UAE, tier 3
  • Immagine inserita Uzbekistan, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Vietnam, tier 2
New International Club Competitions:New Competitions in Existing League Systems:
  • Immagine inserita Australia (State Leagues - QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, WA)
Oceania (OFC)
New League Systems:
  • Immagine inserita Fiji, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita New Zealand, tier 1
North America (CONCACAF)
New League Systems:
  • Immagine inserita Aruba, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Belize, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Bermuda, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Canada, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Costa Rica, tier 2
  • Immagine inserita Cuba, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita Curaçao, tier 1
  • Immagine inserita El Salvador, tier 1
  • Guatemala, tier 2
  • Honduras, tier 1
  • Jamaica, tier 2
  • Nicaragua, tier 1
  • Martinique, tier 1
  • Panama, tier 1
  • Puerto Rico, tier 1
  • Trinidad and Tobago, tier 1
  • Suriname, tier 1
New Competitions in Existing League Systems:
  • United States (NASL)
New International Club Competitions:
  • CFU Club Championship (for clubs from caribbean countries, CFU - Caribbean Football Union)
  • Copa Centroamericana (for clubs from Central American countries)
  • Ligue Antilles (for clubs from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin, French Guiana)
South America (CONMEBOL)
New League Systems:
  • Ecuador, tier 2
  • Bolivia, tier 1
  • Paraguay, tier 2
  • Venezuela, tier 1
  • Remove all files from your My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\editor data folder.
  • Extract the all *.dbc files to your My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\editor data folder.
  • When you start a new game and the dialogue appears, you will have the option to chose whether or not you want to change your enabled extra databases. Simply tick the box next to the all file names, or click the "Select All' button .
  • When you select the countries, check the "Add players to playable clubs" checkbox.
To add blocked national teams like, Germany and a few more country's, and fake players/team names delete the files and the files from the following folders:
  • C:\Program Files\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\data\db\1100\lnc\all\
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Creato da: woizero, Cornelius Lupus

Original link: Clicca qui[/info]

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